November 11, 2021

Romi Johal - Pursuing your Passion

RHN for Intuitive Nutrition

Pursue Your Passion

When I made it to 31 years old, I was working in the corporate world of sales where I had spent the better part of 8 years trying to climb the corporate ladder. After navigating through a marital separation after being married for 7 years, I began to question what my true purpose was and what I was seeking out of life. After doing some soul searching I was able to focus on my personal health & wellbeing, which for the longest time was left neglected. I grew up with major body image issues alongside very low self-esteem and confidence therefore now I had the opportunity to face those demons.

Amidst this process I had a moment with myself at 3 in the morning one day which led me to the realization that my purpose lies in helping others navigate their health and wellness through nutrition.

At the age of 32 I decided to go back to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I’ve learned that you’re never too old for self-growth and it is through this process that we can help those around us. Through personal trials and tribulations I’ve come to understand the importance of keeping one’s mind, body and spirit in sync at all times. I hope one day to hear how proud my daughter is that her father was able to find his true purpose in life.

Hooped Review

The story of the young Punjabi male which is told in a detailed and elaborate manner while depicting the various trials and tribulations encountered is one quick way of summarizing this book.  Once you sit down and slowly make your way through the pages you quickly realize how hard it is to put it down.  Stories which are able to draw on the reader’s emotions are some of my favourite therefore this title definitely satisfies that preference.  I highly recommend gifting this book to any young Punjabi males as they will definitely resonate with the characters showcased throughout the plot!

Romi Johal

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