Jimmy should be happy. He’s the captain of the basketball team, popular at school, and dating the girl of every guy’s dreams. But when he’s recruited by a local drug dealer, Jimmy is seduced by the money and the lifestyle. Before long, his relationships and schoolwork start to slide, and he feels burdened by everyone else’s expectations.

Which path should he follow, when all of them feel like dead ends? How can he find and follow his own path? His mind is spinning in a hundred different directions, but can he finally listen to his heart?

Inspired by the author’s adolescent years, Hooped is a tale of basketball, love, and the journey of self-discovery.

This is Michael’s first published novel.

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'The story told is one that I know very well.' - Aren B
'Characters in this story are well developed with traits which can be spotted amongst the punjabi diaspora around the world.'
- Jas J
‘A raw account of the hard but realistic truths that many of this generation struggle to survive.'
- Amrita L

The tale of the Indo-Canadian male growing up in Surrey is one which has not been delivered in such a manner where despite the details it still reads eloquently; until now that is. Michael Bains does a great job delivering the story which many young Indo-Canadian males can resonate with. This book is tough to put down and can definitely make for a great ‘binge,’ read. Characters in this story are well developed with traits which can be spotted amongst the punjabi diaspora around the world. As you make your way through the pages it’s easy to fall in love with the various characters because at some point in your life that was you or a friend you knew. As a first generation Canadian from a Punjabi household that resided in Surrey, B.C during my teenage years I can attest that the tale told in this book has lived within our community for countless years and continues to cycle through different characters. Attention Reader! You will not be disappointed!

-Jas Johal

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