1-on-1 Coaching Coming Soon

In a day and age where life feels like it is getting more and more fast-paced, it can be overwhelming to figure out which path to pursue. Michael can assist in providing clarity and direction to young men struggling to discover their calling. Michael can also provide insight on how one can balance ambition with an underlying foundation of peace and stillness.

Here is a bit of a background of Michael:    

  • Worked as a financial planner and mortgage lender for over eight years. Assisted hundreds of clients with budgeting, long-term financial planning, and completed hundreds of mortgage applications.
  • Purchased his first property at 19 years of age, and has since gone on to buy multiple more properties that have provided him with various streams of income.
  • He has published two books. A coming-of-age fictional novel and a poetry book. His third book – another novel will be out in late 2023.
  • Was a certified personal trainer in his early to mid-twenties. Was previously certified through BCRPA and CanfitPro. Can still assist with overcoming mental barriers one may encounter in maintaining a consistent fitness routine.
  • Was a high-level competitive athlete through his mid-twenties. Competed in high level basketball until a ruptured achilles tendon sidelined him. He has competed in powerlifting competitions, deadlifting 490 pounds, and squatting 385 pounds. He also maintains a scratch handicap in golf, that is reached by less than 1 percent of golfers.
  • Living in Yaletown, Vancouver for the past eight years, he has created a life for himself that he used to dream about. He finds passion in learning new skills, being physically active, and connecting to his true self through the meditative state.

Michael can assist you in overcoming self-doubt, creating a plan of action and discovering the confidence to express your authentic self. Coaching will be available beginning in the Summer of 2023.

Coaching Available in Summer 2023.

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