Michael, 31 years old is a writer originally from Surrey, British Columbia who now resides in Downtown Vancouver, Canada.

As a child, he had aspirations of becoming a writer but as he grew up, he encountered the challenges that many adolescents go through. Career driven and focused on more egoic pursuits, the writing dream was shelved behind more materialistic desires. He rediscovered his love for the written word in his mid 20’s when he had accomplished many of the goals he had set out earlier in life and remained unfulfilled. He turned to his original love of writing to not only pursue his first real passion, but also as a way to learn more about himself. His writing is an exploration of both his own personal limitations and the collective suffering of the world around him.

Through his writing, Michael’s focus is on exploring the deeper and more fundamental meanings of human existence. Michael’s writing is both simplistic and profound, offering readers an access point into their own true nature. The topics that Michael discusses do not require a university education or any masters or specialized degrees. In fact his writing is a contrast to excessive intellectual knowledge. Rather, his words are intended to shine light on the deeper wisdom that is at the core of each human being. Michael uses his own life and limitations as a way to inspire his writing. Whether that means pushing himself out of comfort zones, learning new art forms, establishing more meaningful relationships or simply learning to sit still with one’s own thoughts. Michael lives his life with the intention of knowing his own awakening will contribute to the awakening of humanity as a whole.

Michael’s first book was a novel called Hooped, which was released in late 2020. The novel was based in his hometown of Surrey, BC and was inspired by his own teenage years. The main character in Hooped, Jimmy is tasked with navigating the external pressures placed on him by society while trying to remain true to his deeper self. The novel received praise from teachers, police officers and the everyday teenager just trying to make it.

His next project, which is a compilation of poems that he has been writing since his mid 20s began as a way to understand the rambling messages that would circulate through his mind. By writing down his thoughts, Michael was able to investigate what was at the root cause of his own blockages, limitations and desires.

In a world in which self-inflicted suffering has become more rampant than ever before, Michael has tried to bridge the gap between becoming more connected to one’s own true nature, while also being able to act with a genuine authenticity. Michael does his best to merge Eastern and Western schools of thought by pursuing his passions with a vigorous desire while remaining grounded in self. Michael’s passions include writing, working out, golfing and most recently playing the guitar.

You can read more of Michael’s work by visiting his blog at www.michaelbains.ca or his Instagram pages - @mb_elite and @hoopedtalks where he posts poems and written excerpts.