the night of the morning

The Night of the Morning is Michael Bains’ second book, and is a compilation of poems that he has written over the past five years.

In a world rife with unease and conflict, these poems dive deep into the core of human suffering. The urgency to awaken is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. The Night of the Morning is available for purchase now.

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Author's Selection of Passages
Is there something you’ve always wanted to do
But have never done


Putting it off
Until tomorrow

A day that never comes

— Tomorrow
If perfection is what you seek
Inevitably you will see only your imperfections

To become perfect
You must seek nothing
Other than to be more yourself

What is perfect can then shine through
Not by your doing
But by letting the Real flow through You

— Perfection
And all will be written

And all will be loved

And all will be seen

Choose all three

And life will dance with your dreams

He knows what to do
But he does what he knows

So do nothing

Because in nothing
Everything is born

How well do you understand
How well can you comprehend

That the eye that sees
Can never be seen

The heart that loves
Is Love
So can never be loved

Because Love is one
But we’ve made it two

It clings and lusts
And it breaks for you

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