December 24, 2020


Reading is like a cheat code. The greatest minds of all time putting their thoughts on paper. We get the key to open the door into their sorrows, their triumphs and get insights on how they became who they were.

It’s not a secret why we don’t read anymore. We need constant stimulation through images, videos and immediately gratifying content. It’s one thing after another. But when we read, we’re given permission to create images in our own head. The author puts the words on paper but it’s up to us to create the story.

Sitting down with a good book brings me more joy than I could possibly describe. When you sink into the story and it comes to life. When you become connected to the characters, the story and go into the collective feelings that we all share.

Reading and creativity are intrinsically linked. Because when we read, our attention span and ability to focus improves and that really is what creativity is. The ability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time without internal distractions. And we can relearn that skill.

We know we could sit down and read a book if we wanted to but our mind convinces us otherwise. But we can simply shift that narrative to the side if we feel it does not serve us.

The evidence of a really good book is one that stands the test of time. Timeless books – they are called. Whether it was written a year ago, ten years ago or a hundred years ago, there is a certain power that underlies timeless books.

Michael Bains

Currently 32, he lives in the Yaletown district of Vancouver. He enjoys staying physically active and is an avid reader and writer. Hooped is his first published novel.

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