November 25, 2020

Jas Johal & Ben Ghuman - Pursuing your Passion

Co-Founders of FIT Nation

Pursue Your Passion

Throughout our years in business the one driving force which has helped us weather all storms that have made their way onto our path is passion.  The novelty and “fun,” behind running your own business dries up quickly therefore if you’re not in an industry where you are extremely passionate then you will not last.  The long days and short nights will get the best of you before you know it and you will crash and burn.  In order to ensure longevity in whichever endeavour you choose it’s imperative that at the very core of that pursuit lies passion.  The one question we ask young entrepreneurs whenever they tell us of their business endeavours is:

“Would you do this for free and still love your job?”

If the answer is yes, then that means you’re in the right industry! Throughout our journey with FIT Nation we’ve found ourselves in positions where we were not making as much profit as we would like since the business was in its infancy stage.  During these times it was our passion and vision which kept us hungry and focused therefore allowing us to eventually hit record milestones and thrive as an organization.  

Hooped Review

The tale of the Indo-Canadian male growing up in Surrey is one which has not been delivered in such a manner where despite the details it still reads eloquently; until now that is.

Michael Bains does a great job delivering the story which many young Indo-Canadian males can resonate with.  This book is tough to put down and can definitely make for a great ‘binge,’ read.  Characters in this story are well developed with traits which can be spotted amongst the punjabi diaspora around the world.  As you make your way through the pages it’s easy to fall in love with the various characters because at some point in your life that was you or a friend you knew.  As a first generation Canadian from a punjabi household that resided in Surrey, B.C during my teenage years I can attest that the tale told in this book has lived within our community for countless years and continues to cycle through different characters. Attention Reader! You will not be disappointed!

Jas Johal & Ben Ghuman

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