January 17, 2021

Aren Bahia - Pursuing your Passion

Owner of multiple businesses in Bali

Pursue Your Passion

I did enough things "just for the money" to find out that wasn't the right way to live when I got to see what people were capable of when acting strictly out of monetary gains. When you're 23 years old and you buy yourself a Benz on chrome 20's you think you've made it. It's funny how Ignorance + Fast Money = Arrogance. After seeing the pitfalls of not walking a path with heart, I've come to see that there's a better equation to live by: Ambition + Purpose = Passion.

The world shifted around me when I got more clear on the role I wanted to have in it. It's just that easy, I made a decision. I told myself I wanted to be someone my parents could be proud of, someone who loved what he did, and someone who made a positive impact in the world around me.

It turned out that once I put my intention into something bigger than me the universe had my back, things fell into place. I've been living my passion ever since I was able to zero in on my purpose. My advice to everyone is to figure out a way you can bring some positivity into this world and turn that into your life's purpose. Through purpose you'll find passion. Passion doesn't come from a new Gucci belt, it comes from living from your heart.

Hooped Review

I finished this book in a single rainy Sunday here in Bali. The story told is one I know very well, it was like being put into a time capsule back to my 17 year old self. I commend Michael for depicting a world that is very real and needs attention to help create stronger men. I don't mean men who can bench press more weight, I mean men who can be strong enough to do what is right. Punjabi people were legendary warriors, men with heart who stood up for something real.

The phenomenon of the dope game is alluring for young men who have power they haven't yet understood yet, the fast life has skewed our moral compasses and led my generation away from the path with heart. If we can stop living life like rap music videos and start resembling the virtues the generation before us did with compassion, hard work, and making sacrifices for our loved ones...maybe we'd appreciate life on a different scale. Hopefully with enough light shed on the darkness, more young men can find their way to paths of contentment, happiness, and peace. This book sheds some of that light.

Aren Bahia

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